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'NaOClean' successfully concludes the 2023 Seoul Food (Seoul International Food Fair)

'NaOClean' successfully concludes the 2023 Seoul Food (Seoul International Food Fair)

Thursday, June 15, 2023

'NaOClean' successfully concludes the 2023 Seoul Food (Seoul International Food Fair)

NaOClean Booth: 402
'NaOClean' successfully concludes the 2023 Seoul Food (Seoul International Food Fair)
2023 Seoul Food Awards
Eco-friendly and Sustainable product "NaOClean" - 2023 Seoul Food Awards

D&D Electronics (CEO / Soongi Seo) announced that it received great interest from buyers by participating in the 2023 Seoul Food (Seoul International Food Fair) exhibition held in Korea from May 30 to June 2.

SEOUL FOOD 2023 (Seoul Food 2023), which celebrates its 41st anniversary this year, is one of Asia's four major food exhibitions to promote exchange and strengthen cooperation between domestic and foreign food-related companies, and is a B2B specialized exhibition optimized for the food industry and food equipment industry.

The electrolytic disinfection water generator 'NaOClean' exhibited by D&D Electronics is a device that generates activated electrolytic water obtained through electrolysis by adding only a small amount of salt to tap water. It is applied to the food processing industry, Restaurants and is used for food safety and quality control. It is being used very effectively. It is an eco-friendly, sustainable solution that replaces existing chemicals and requires only a small amount of salt, making it economical and convenient to use. It is currently installed in approximately 10,000 catering facilities and food processing plants, providing a pleasant and safe working environment while replacing existing chemicals. plays a major role in creating

Meanwhile, during the exhibition period, D&D Electronics provided samples of 'NaoClean Water', which had already been well-received by consumers and ranked first among the disinfectant brands on Naver (Korean No.1 Portal website), and received positive response and interest from many buyers, including Daesang, Nonghyup, and Ottogi.

At Seoul Food 2023, D&D Electronics introduced a total of 9 different models, ranging from NaOClean household models to commercial equipment, adding to its expertise as a leader in the electrolyzed water market. In particular, as eco-friendliness has become a major keyword in the global food safety market, including the United States, it has attracted the attention of buyers in the food field that requires eco-friendly disinfection management.

An official from D&D Electronics said, “It was a meaningful event for our NaOClean product (DES-16000PRO) to win an award in the ‘Food Tech’ category at the 2023 Seoul Food Awards,” adding, “Participation in this show will give us an opportunity to demonstrate excellent competitiveness in the global market.” “We plan to actively promote eco-friendly sustainable products and strive to contribute to the globalization of Korean technology.”

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