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Introducing Stalwart Crafts, quality leather aprons and accessories

Introducing Stalwart Crafts, quality leather aprons and accessories

Thursday, January 11, 2024

Introducing Stalwart Crafts, quality leather aprons and accessories

Stalwart Crafts USA Booth: 261
Introducing Stalwart Crafts, quality leather aprons and accessories
Image David Silverstein from Whirlwind Coffee wearing our Cross Strap Deluxe in Brown


Stalwart Crafts Leather Aprons: The Epitome of Quality and Comfort.

[Boston, January 11, 2024] – Stalwart Crafts, a celebrated name in European and UK craftsmanship, proudly announces its presence in the US market, showcasing a range of leather aprons that strike the perfect balance between quality and comfort. 

Stalwart Crafts takes pride in using only the finest sustainable European leather, ensuring an optimal combination of thickness, comfort, and durability. The Stalwart Deluxe apron, a customer favorite, not only provides lightweight and comfortable all-day wear but also boasts easy cleaning - a simple wipe-down with a damp cloth suffices.

The hallmark of Stalwart's leather aprons is their ability to age gracefully, becoming more flexible while retaining shape and strength. "Our leather aprons are coated with an extra protective layer, making cleaning a breeze. With minimal maintenance, these aprons are designed to last for many years. Unlike cotton aprons that fade and wear over time, our leather aprons only improve with age," states Tim de Ket, owner of Stalwart Crafts.

Available in various stylish designs and colors, the Cross Strap Deluxe Apron in brown or red (Bordeaux) stands out as the most popular choice. For those requiring extra room, Stalwart offers the XL Cross Strap Apron. Customers also have the option to personalize their leather aprons with a name or logo, with attractive discounts available for larger orders.

Micki Rowaan, Stalwart Crafts US Representative, shares, "The versatility of our leather aprons is reflected in the diverse range of professionals who choose them - baristas, bakers, butchers, chefs, mixologists, brewers, fishmongers, BBQ enthusiasts, distillers, and many more."

Stalwart Crafts, founded in Europe, has achieved remarkable success in the European and UK markets. Sisters Micki and Elsbeth Rowaan, now based in Boston, represent the company in the US, along with other Dutch brands. 

For more information about Stalwart Crafts and their exceptional leather aprons, please visit

Micki Rowaan, Uniek Living LLC/dba Stalwart Crafts USA
Phone: 617-799-5760


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