March 30-31, 2025

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Boston-Based Motif FoodWorks Exhibits at the New England Restaurant and Bar Show

Boston-Based Motif FoodWorks Exhibits at the New England Restaurant and Bar Show

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Boston-Based Motif FoodWorks Exhibits at the New England Restaurant and Bar Show

Motif FoodWorks Booth: 451
Boston-Based Motif FoodWorks Exhibits at the New England Restaurant and Bar Show
Plant-Based Sous Vide Ribs
Motif BeefWorks™ and Motif PorkWorks™ Plant-Based Products now available through distributors like Harbor Foodservice, Sunbelt Natural and various Sysco OPCOs.

BOSTON, January 22, 2024 – Following its launch at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show last May, hometown brand Motif FoodWorks will make its first appearance at the New England Restaurant and Bar Show this February 4-5 in Boston. The company will spotlight its foodservice portfolio of Motif PorkWorks™ Plant-Based Grounds and Motif BeefWorks™ Plant-Based Burger Patties and Grounds.

Alternative proteins aren’t just for those who have eliminated meat from their diets altogether. Research shows* that 55% of consumers want to limit their meat consumption in some way. Many want to reduce red meat, to eat smaller meat portions, or to skip meat at some (but not all) meals. Motif FoodWorks products allow operators to address consumer demand for more protein options, and for authentically meatier taste and texture in plant-based alternatives. The versatile Motif FoodWorks products perform across the menu and cook like animal meats.

Chef Jenn Strange, from Dreamland Bar & Diner in Seattle says, “I am very excited by the versatility of Motif products. The ability to season and portion the products in-house to provide a vegan option that is more similar in flavor and texture to our omnivore options is incredible. The taste, texture as well as the products’ ability to stand up to aggressive seasoning make Motif products second to none.”

Executive Chef Jeff Lamrouex, at Cider Press Vegan Gastropub in St. Petersburg seconds that opinion: “We chose this product because it’s more versatile and it has a truer feeling of what it represents. Motif has more versatility as far as what you can create: tacos, nachos, meatloaf, etc. – [there’s] a lot more you can do with it.”

Sampling at the event will showcase Motif PorkWorks™ Plant-Based Grounds in recipes including Sous Vide Ribs, a Sausage Pancake Breakfast Sandwich, and a Smash Gyoza.

Motif FoodWorks products appear on menu in a number of restaurants and schools in the Pacific Northwest, including branded placement on menu at Life on Mars in Seattle, WA.

They are available through Harbor Foodservice, Sunbelt Natural and various Sysco OPCOs.

Brian Lippert, Territory Sales Consultant at Harbor Foodservice says: “After visiting the booth for the Motif product line at the NRA food show in Chicago I couldn’t be happier with the quality of this line. They have done a great job of developing a meat alternative that is without a doubt, the best available. I have cut these items against numerous other options in the market with our customer base and they couldn’t be more pleased with the quality, versatility, and opportunity these products offer their customers. I look forward to sharing this with more customers and allowing them the opportunity to use this great product line in their businesses.”

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About Motif FoodWorks

Motif FoodWorks is creating the next generation of food. We are a food technology company developing breakthrough ingredients that unleash the promise of plant-based foods and transform the eating experience – from first bite to lasting impact. With food as our passion and innovation coded into our DNA, we are driven by the science of more. More taste. More texture. More choices for consumers. That is why our work has gone beyond the lab. We have taken it all the way to the plate with products grown from the universal experience of what great food should be: tantalizing, satiating, and nourishing. Our ecosystem of ingredients and finished products are designed for people of all habits and beliefs and with the health of our planet always in mind. Because at Motif, we believe the food of the future should set you free. For more information, visit

*Elohi Strategic Advisors, Diet Drivers 2 Research Report, Nov 2023.



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