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Bite Ninja Revolutionizes Quick-Service Restaurants with Remote Staffing Technology

Bite Ninja Revolutionizes Quick-Service Restaurants with Remote Staffing Technology

Saturday, February 03, 2024

Bite Ninja Revolutionizes Quick-Service Restaurants with Remote Staffing Technology

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Bite Ninja Revolutionizes Quick-Service Restaurants with Remote Staffing Technology
A remote Bite Ninja order-taker ready to greet and assist customers
Focused on transforming the way quick-service restaurants operate, Bite Ninja introduces a cutting-edge technology that allows businesses to staff their drive-thru and front counter remotely, using "virtual" order takers working from home.

Bite Ninja’s revolutionary NinjaQ system also allows restaurant chains to save on labor costs by leveraging a queueing system for remote cashiers, sharing labor between locations.

Key Features:

1.Remote Staffing Capabilities: Bite Ninja's technology provides QSRs with the ability to staff remotely, providing on-demand staffing help and the opportunity to streamline onsite operations.

2. Flexible Labor Options: With Bite Ninja’s web-based remote labor platform, restaurants can tap into a network of independent contractor remote order takers, called “Ninjas,” or use their own staff, allowing them to adjust staffing levels based on demand. Plus, Bite Ninja’s call center-style NinjaQ system further provides flexibility and labor cost savings.

3. Seamless Integration & Operations: Bite Ninja’s technology seamlessly integrates with the restaurant’s existing technologies, ensuring a smooth transition without disrupting daily operations. A small plug & play hardware component is shipped directly to the restaurant, with easy installation instructions and live support.

4. Enhanced Customer Experience: Dedicated remote order takers can focus solely on delivering exceptional customer service, speed of service, and suggestive selling, enhancing the overall customer experience.

5. Dedicated Support: Bite Ninja is committed to the success of restaurants. A dedicated client success team and tech support are available during all operating hours, to ensure restaurants and their remote workers have the support they need to succeed.

6. Proven Results: In a recent study with a Bite Ninja client, Ninjas significantly increased customer check averages when compared to orders taken by in-store team members. During shifts in which Ninjas took all drive-thru orders, check averages increased by $1.30. For the average fast food restaurant with significant drive-thru volume, this could equate to as much as $500 (or more) per day, or an impressive $26,000 per year- depending on how much Ninjas are leveraged. In another drive-thru study of the NinjaQ system, a separate restaurant chain was able to decrease their labor spending on cashiers by approximately 46%!

Visit Bite Ninja at the New England Restaurant and Bar Show to witness firsthand how their technology is reshaping the future of quick-service restaurant operations. For more information, visit the Bite Ninja website at or contact


About Bite Ninja:

Founded by restaurant owner and operator Will Clem, Bite Ninja is a leader in providing remote staffing technology and labor solutions to quick-service restaurants. Offering innovative ways to enhance operational efficiency, reduce labor costs, and elevate the customer experience, Bite Ninja helps solve the ever-growing staffing challenges that plague the restaurant industry. With a focus on remote labor capabilities, Bite Ninja is reinventing the traditional restaurant staffing model and redefining how restaurants work.

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