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The Business Case for Local Art in Your Restaurant

The Business Case for Local Art in Your Restaurant


The Business Case for Local Art in Your Restaurant

Monday, February 05, 2024
Incorporating local art and murals into a restaurant offer benefits, both from a business and community standpoint. Choosing art and murals that align with your restaurant's theme and ambiance and working closely with local artists and the community builds a strong network that enhances the authenticity of the displayed art, benefiting both your business and the local artistic community.

Here's a breakdown of the business case for using local art and murals in a restaurant:

• Unique Aesthetic Appeal • Local Connection and Community Engagement
• Storytelling and Branding
• Social Media Marketing and Word-of-Mouth Promotion
• Differentiation and Competitive Edge
• Supporting Local Economy and Artists
• Flexibility and Adaptability
• Curiosity and Engagement

Hear from Boston’s best local restaurant artist and the restaurateurs they support on how this distinctive design method drives the brand of the business.
Rob Maloof, Producer, Cinematographer, Director - Gauntlet Films
Erica Hagler, Artist/Owner - The Blind Fox
Markus Sebastiano, Artist/Owner - Blochaus Art Gallery
Christopher Jamison, CEO - COJE Management Group